Title :
失踪中 / Missing AD
One-horn rhino are in danger in Nepal: Protect them for the future generation.


Planner: ドゥルガ [BHUSAL Durga Prasad] (ネパール / NEPAL)
Art Director: 倉田潤一 [Junichi Kurata (HAKUHODO)]
Copywriter: 河西智彦 [Tomohiko Kawanishi (HAKUHODO)]
Producer: 芥川尚子 [Shoko Akutagawa (HAKUHODO)]

Theme :

Poaching in Nepal

Concept :

(from Planner)
One-horn rhinos are declining in Nepal because of poaching not because of natural death. Poachers kill the rhino for the sake of important' horn' and other organs. They kill the rhino and take out the precious horn, and it is said that the horn is sold in the Chinese market illegally. It is believed that the horn has some ingredients of medicine.
Poachers are getting easy access to the location of rhino with the help of some people around the national parks, as hoping to get money from poachers people inform the poaches about the location of rhino. Government agency, NGOs and community people are involved to protect the rhino as the efforts do not seem sufficient to achieve its ends. More the people get aware on the importance of rhino more the rhino can be saved from being extinct.
Why rhinos are important in Nepal? As all the creatures are the part of nature, every creature has its own significant contribution to sustain the ecosystem. Furthermore, rhinos are the important asset of Nepal, adding value in the natural beauty, attracts the tourist as well which can add value on the generation of income for the local people as well to the government from the royalty.

What is poster about?
Taking the bases from the above background, this poster just focuses to give a message to those people who are engaged covertly in poaching of rhinos. The poster seems normal at the first look and it says rhinos are missing and those who find rhinos, will be rewarded. Then, if you tear a part of that paper you find a message regarding the importance of rhino and it says don't take part to deteriorate your country cooperating the poacher informing the location of rhinos.

At first glance, it seems people be fooled by announcing the reward but in fact the shit of small paper makes clear saying "This is advertisement to stop civilians from cooperating to poachers for money. The reward is an opportunity to take part in saving rhinos by being aware of the damages that informing can do."

(from Director)