Title :
Fire a pot, not a shot. / 銃をおろして鍋に火を
Get your dish and sit around a table after the long battles


Planner: 非公開
Art Director: 佐藤益大 [*** Sato (HAKUHODO)]
Copywriter: 指田・ヴァレリー・千景 [Chikage Sashida Vallely]

Theme :

イラクの分割 / Division in Iraq

Concept :

(from Planner)
The idea of this poster came from the painful events experienced by Iraq after the recent war and its aftermath of a U.S. invasion to this country in April 2003, which have left the desolation and destruction and many casualties among martyrs and wounded and maimed, in addition to the massive damage to establishments and government institutions and non-governmental organizations, and among the most serious negative consequences of that war is sectarian strife and struggling of the parties and militias and influential bands in the country between them, and that was the greatest victim of the Iraqi people by the fighting, the issue of sectarianism is alien to the culture of the Iraqi society, because the Iraqis live in amity and peace and brotherhood for thousands of years, and Iraqis do not like so-called sectarian names or titles, as the name of their beloved is: Iraq, this is my identity, and this is my roots and I do not like any another name, whether ethnic or sectarian or political……etc.

 The dish of (Tishreeb) is an Iraqi popular and delicious food, and no Iraqi does not know this dish, hence the idea to eat all of the Iraqi people from this food and to take each person a bowl and poured into his food and sitting around the dinner table, which brought together the familiarity and the tenderness and love of country, as brought up to it, and that the fire burning under a pot, which is not the same fire that are fired on the innocent, because the difference is clear between the two.


(from Director)