Title :
Article 9 is human security, not state security


Planner: グンナール・レークヴィッグ [Gunnar Rekvig] (ノルウェー / NORWAY)
Art Director: 富岡史棋 [Fumiki Tomioka (fumitoku)]

Theme :

憲法9条 / Article 9

Concept :

(from Planner)
Weapons of mass destruction are weapons of state. These weapons are aimed at cities inhabited by humans. For our joint human security, Article 9 provides the mechanisms we so sorely need to enable a society free from fear.


(from Director)
How many people can associate the Article 9 of Japanese Constitution just with seeing the number “9”? This poster provides vivid expression as if a number of “9” means our universal symbol of the Article 9. Message form Gunnar, who is from Norway, contains the view point which is other than Japanese. It is very strong. It has a big impression from a distance by the picture of poster and if we look it closer, it has also thought-provoking description. This message looks contrasting the two aspects: White and Black, Left and Right but the real message is more than that actually. This was a good opportunity for me to think about how international society considers the Article 9.
Gunnar, thank you for giving me this valuable experience to work with you.

「9」の表示だけで、憲法9条を連想する人が一体どれくらいいるだろうか? あたかも「9」が、全世界共通の9条のシンボルであるかのようなビジュアルです。ノルウェー出身のグンナールさんによる「日本の外からの視点」を持ったメッセージは、とても力強い。ビジュアルも遠くでみてガツンときて、近寄ってよくみると考えさせられるような二段活用風。白黒、左右の二項対立のようで、そうじゃない意味を持つメッセージ。世界は9条をどう捉えているのか? と、考える契機になりました。