Title : War/Peace
(In 2008 1464 billion US dollars were spent on military globally. Imagine if the world had that money to reduce poverty and injustice and tackle the root causes of violence and conflict)


Planner: レシュニコフスキ・ラディスラブ(ラド)[Ladislav(Lado) Lesnikovski] (マケドニア / MACEDONIA)
Art Director: 浅葉克己 [Katsumi Asaba]

Theme :

The Structure of Violence and Military Expenditure

Concept :

(from Planner)
The authoritative Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in its 2009 edition of SIPRI Yearbook estimated the worldwide military expenditure in 2008 to US$1464 billion, which is a 45% increase since 1999. The idea of the “war on terror” has encouraged many countries to see their problems through a highly militarized lens, using this to justify high military spending. The top 5 military spenders are USA, China, France, UK and Russia, all permanent members of United Nation’s Security Council (Japan is 7th right after Germany). Also, these countries host the biggest arms producing companies. The general public is not aware of the paradox that the countries that have the biggest influence on issues of global development and security are at the same time the biggest military spenders and arms producers.
With just a small part of the global military budget the global issues of poverty, education and health could be solved. With less than 5% of this money the Millennium Development Goals (UN’s MDGs) on health, education, and water and sanitation could be met. With less than 10% basic human needs of everyone on Earth would be met. Let’s push for reversing the trend of excessive military spending and channel it to the pressing global issues of today.